August 9, 2020 Worship Service

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August 2, 2020 Worship Service

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May 26 Worship Service

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Jan. 20 Sermon Only- Genesis 6 ‘The Gospel to Noah’

Jan. 6 Worship Service- The Gospel Rom 1

Dec. 23 WHPC Worship Service

Dec. 16 Worship Service

Sermons by Pastor Jeff Jenkins:

Video of ‘Our Christian Sacrifices’ (Part 1)

Video of ‘Our Christian Sacrifices’ (Part 2)

Video of ‘What Living Sacrifices Look Like’

Series on Philippians 2018
This will take you to Google Drive page in which the various sermons are stored.

Unseen and Pervasive Influences

Our Corrupt Nature

Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

Easter 2018 Sermon- Skeptical?: You Are Not Alone

Jesus and the Sabbath

Disciple of the ‘Doctor of the Sin-Sick’, Mark 2: 13-17, Feb. 25, 2018.

Message at Harriman Community Lenten Service, Feb. 21, 2018 — The Power of God in Jesus

Archived Sermons at  Archived Sermons

Other Sermons:

Rev. Ronald Ingram-  Some Just Don’t Get It

Rev. Ronald Ingram- Sola Scriptura- God’s Word

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